Emails for immediate NurOwn® approval.

Please keep sending emails for immediate NurOwn® approval to these email addresses below. Resend your old emails, write new ones, or use the short sample email below (don’t forget to substitute the name of your family/friend/colleague on whose behalf you are sending the email):

———————–Sample letter——————-

Subject: Immediate NurOwn® approval for ALS 

Dear Friend at the FDA,

I am writing to you today on behalf of Dan Shultes {or insert other name here} one of the 30,000 Americans living with ALS.  I am writing because my friend Dan {or insert other name here} is deteriorating quickly, it is heart-breaking to watch and not be able to help him. Therefore, I will continue to email you, until NurOwn® is approved.

I have decided to write to you before it is too late, we need NurOwn® treatment approved. NurOwn® is a treatment showing unprecedented success never seen in the 150 years since ALS was described. The disease has and continues to rob us of so many great people, most famously Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig.

FDA Commissioner Sharpless, Dr. Marks and Dr. Dunn of the FDA met with ALS patients and advocates at the end of September 2019. Two of those patients have been treated with NurOwn® – their health has improved significantly since receiving this special autologous cellular therapy. One is a Navy pilot, who was diagnosed with ALS over 5 years ago and wheelchair bound for 2 years. He also needed breathing support at night. Soon after receiving NurOwn®, he was able to stand unassisted; his breathing has returned back to normal and he continues to improve. These incredible improvements to his health, have not been seen nor recorded in 150 years. There are many other reputable people who have come forward with amazing testimonies.

Unfortunately meetings will not be enough. Tens of thousands with ALS have died since the FDA gave NurOwn® ‘Fast Track Designation’ in 2014. Many thousands more will die waiting for the completion of an extremely lengthy Phase 3 trial. Dr. Sharpless’ FDA expedites large numbers of cancer medications every year backed by the power and influence of Big Pharma, but does not respond swiftly to the first effective ALS treatment, while tens of thousands needlessly die.

I ask you to watch a video of my dear friend Dan {or insert other name here} so you can learn about the ALS patients, people just like you with families, hopes and dreams, from whom you are receiving emails and letters. Dan {or insert other name here} and the other 30,000 sufferers of ALS deserve access to NurOwn®. WE NEED IMMEDIATE APPROVAL OF NUROWN® – THE ONLY VIABLE LAST OPTION BEFORE DEATH.

We need  full approval of NurOwn®. You are our only hope.

We are asking you to help. We look forward to hearing back from you and finding ways to change the outcome of ALS.

(enter your name)