Please WATCH and SHARE this video… Dan is one of 30,000 American’s suffering from ALS. We must act now. Time is not on our side. We need your help to get the FDA to approve life-saving treatments. Please visit ‘How To Help‘, it just takes 5 minutes of your time. Join our voice – together we can help improve the quality of life for many ALS sufferers facing this terrible disease.

Dan have an aggressive form of the disease called Bulbar ALS.

He started to exhibit symptoms of ALS back in November 2018. It took over 6 months to diagnose Dan with the disease.

In that short space of time, Dan lost the ability to talk, to walk by himself, to undertake daily tasks, such as getting out of bed in the morning, or brushing his teeth. Simple daily tasks, that we take for granted are impossible for Dan now.

Which daily tasks do you take for granted? In this short video Trista (Dan’s wife) explains how every day activities are very difficult for her husband. ALS sufferers are unable to control voluntary muscle movement, as their nerve cells (neurons), deteriorate gradually and stop sending messages to the muscles. Dan is 1 of 30,000 sufferers of ALS, to whom this is happening – join our voice, visit ‘How To Help‘, and help make a difference for everyone affected by this terrible disease. Thank you!

No mom wants to see their son or daughter suffer from a devastating disease such as ALS. Dan Shultes is 1 of 30,000 Americans suffering from this horrible illness. Patti Shultes, Dan’s mom, reaches out with a heartfelt message. While she wants Dan to get better, her plea is no different to those expressed by moms in this difficult situation. Please WATCH and SHARE. Help us make a difference, visit ‘How To Help‘, join our voice – together we can get ALS sufferers the treatment they deserve. #ALSplea #addressALS #MOMplea Thank you to Patti for sharing this emotional plea 💗

Today,  (Sept. 19th, 2019) Congressman Antonio Delgado spoke on the floor to lift the voice of a #NY19 resident Dan Shultes, 1 of the 30,000 Americans suffering from ALS. “Congress must provide robust funding for disease research and create pathways for treatments that could improve the quality of life for those living with ALS”. #ThankYouAntonioDelgado #ALSplea